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Personal Wellness

Life Coaching / Mentoring, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Counselling

Package 1: Rapid Change – 4 sessions of 90 minutes duration each – this package would suit anyone who is looking to improve confidence & self esteem, improve their communication skills,prepare for interviews or exam stress  This package is charged at £395

Package 2: Anxiety & Stress Management – 6 Sessions of 90 minutes duration each – this package will allow you to gain control back of you, learn relaxation techniques and have a structured plan for future self management. This package is charged at £675

Package 3: Weight loss Management – 12 sessions of 90 minutes duration each – suitable for anyone fed up of yo yo dieting and who would like to have a better relationship with food, install a healthier way to live and lose sustainable weight. This Package is charged at £999

Package 4: Coaching / Mentoring – starting at 2 x face to face sessions per month, unlimited access by phone, email, Skype and texts, this package is aimed at those who need guidance in the lives, who aren’t achieving what they want, who are either starting or running a business that they want to improve. This package starts at £395 / Month

If your issue is not covered under any existing package then please contact us to discuss your bespoke needs

Rapid Change Breakthrough Sessions 

  • Rapid Change Breakthrough sessions ` £350. 00 (3 1/2 hours)
  • Rapid Change Breakthrough sessions ` £550. 00 (Half Day)
  • Rapid Change Breakthrough sessions ` £895.00 (Full Day)

Rapid Change Breakthrough sessions are designed to deal with specific fears, anxieties and phobias in one session and are particularly effective with fears and phobias such as Agoraphobia, Fear of Flying, Fear of Presenting, Exam Stress, Stopping Smoking, Claustrophobia and many more. 

Corporate Wellness

One to One Individual Business Coaching – £100 per hour – Full days available from £500

 1 – 2 – 1 Mentoring

Unlimited access by phone, email, Skype and texts with weekly hour and half face to face meetings starting from £700 a month.

Mental Health Awareness / wellness workshops from £250 for 1/2 day


Block Appointment Bookings

Discounted block appointment bookings are available, however all payments are required in advance and are non refundable. The Life Practice UK Ltd does not offer refunds for clients who decide to terminate their treatment before carrying out their pre-paid block booking.

Cancellation Policy

For Appointments

Due to the enormous popularity and demand for this clinic and to protect our valued clients, we have a strict cancellation process in place. Cancellation with 48 hours notice, 50% fee will be invoiced to the client. Cancellation with 24 hours notice, 100% fee will be invoiced to the client. The Life Practice reserves the right to cancel courses or consultations in unavoidable situations and full refunds (pro-rata) will be made.

How can I pay for my sessions.

We accept personal cheques and cash on the day of your appointment.  Credit cards payments can be made through our Life Practice UK head office.  For ongoing appointments we are happy to invoice you at the end of each month and would appreciate payment within seven days of receipt.

For our full range of  NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching Courses please Click Here.


Success of recommended treatments and therapies depend entirely on an individual’s commitment to attending sessions and following action plans agreed between the practitioner and client. In the specific case of clinical hypnosis, susceptibility can be varied and this will be tested prior to any hypnosis sessions taking place.

Please also note some calls may be recorded for training and competency purposes.

All major credit and debit cards accepted as payment

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