Stress, Anxiety & Panic

Corporate StressStress and anxiety and panic are words used every day by a lot of people and we all think we know what stress, anxiety and the accompanying symptom of panic is, because each of us has experienced it from time to time. Yet ‘stress’ is something of a catch-all term that covers a wide range of phenomena from mild irritation to the kind of severe problems that could result in a real breakdown of health.

Human beings are immensely resilient, and most of us can deal with moderate amounts of stress and anxiety; in fact we need a certain amount of stress and anxiety in our lives to keep us active, it’s just part of modern-day living and we manage to push away the feelings of panic and push forward and get on with things. But sometimes when we experience longer term stresses which become overwhelming, stress is then truly emotionally, psychologically and physically damaging and difficult to live with. When stress reaches this level it is called a ‘stress disorder’.

A stress disorder can be a devastating force, anyone who has experienced a panic attack will know how distressing it can be.

Feelings of real stress just seem to drain away our energy and vitality, leaving us exhausted and maybe even depressed. This is why an effective strategy for stress reduction and stress management is essential if we are to maintain our inner balance and well-being. Yet few people have such a strategy in place.

A person’s attempts to manage stress on an external level can cause truly negative side effects and may lead to long-term health problems, including panic attacks, insomnia and the inability to function normally. There may be increased use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, quick-fix energy drinks, chocolate, cakes, compulsive eating, and other short-term approaches which offer only temporary distractions to the problem—and they all come at a price. They simply cannot provide what we so desperately need—real release from the endless spiral of stress.

Effective Stress Management

The good news is that skilfully applied hypnotherapy is a truly effective means of stress management and treatment. Through hypnotherapy you can learn to respond in a more positive manner to the “triggers” and free yourself from stress disorders, gaining real and lasting stress relief. The deep relaxation that is available through hypnosis greatly reduces the condition, improving mood and cognitive function.

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or panic attacks, there really is something you can do about it. With modern advanced hypnotherapy you can learn to manage and deal effectively with it.

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