Life Coaching

Life Coaching deals with all areas of life, professional and personal.  It’s not just for people with problems, in fact it’s more about how to empower those who want to do something new, something different or something better.

We all have potential but sometimes life just gets in the way, we get derailed and sometimes stuck in places or situations we don’t know how to change.  Life Coaching provides a way of clearly identifying your goals and helps you focus on your potential.

Initially, we offer a free consultation over the telephone, where you can talk openly and confidentially to us about your current situation, so that we can devise an individual program specifically tailored for you that will suit your needs.

We will include an idea of how many sessions would be required and the cost of the program. If you are happy to proceed from here you can then book an appointment to visit our clinic and start your sessions.

We aim to offer all our clients a full program of support, which includes helping them understand their issues and how best to overcome them, coupled with an out of hours support line, if required.

Life Coaching is a longer term programme and can also be used in conjunction with a 1-2-1 mentoring programme.

Life Coaching sessions are £85.00 per hour.

Mentoring programmes include one face to face meeting per week plus unlimited telephone calls, emails and Skype contact throughout a month.  Dependant on contact required these programmes start at £450.00 per month.

We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation to all our clients.  This gives you the opportunity to talk through any questions or concerns you may have without obligation.


Life Practice St Albans also offer a series of popular workshops that include Stress Management, Weight Loss and Life Coaching. Current Business Partners include: The Biopolar Society, Carers in Herts and Mind in HertsMind logo

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