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ladybusWhen we suffer from low self esteem and low confidence we find that it impacts us in every part of our lives.  It can manifest itself as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression; and lead us to emotional eating, angry outbursts and unhelpful self chatter.

Someone telling us to “pull our socks up” or “you are being silly” isn’t always the best advice or solutions. What is really needed is a change in the way that we feel about ourselves, our perspectives and how we can act differently to achieve what we want. This is where we at Life Practice St Albans can offer you help in changing the way you think which in turn will change what you believe about yourself and this will change how you behave to both yourself and others.

Using a range of techniques including Life Coaching, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness, we are able to bring about long lasting effective change to our clients in all aspects of their businesses and lives.

What makes us different to our competitors?

We do this by offering an unparalleled service. Here at Life Practice St Albans, we look at our clients as a whole taking physical wellbeing as seriously as mental health wellbeing. We offer a holistic whole mind and body approach to our bespoke wellness programmes, allowing you to be the best you can be and to enable you to achieve your potential. We are the difference that makes the difference.

Change your thoughts, Change your life

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Life Practice St Albans also offer a series of popular workshops that include Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing, Stress Management, Weight Loss and Life Coaching. Current Business Partners include: The Biopolar Society, Carers in Herts and Mind in Herts

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